Project Description


Department of General Surgery Hospital Miri include male and female surgical ward. Located on the first floor of the hospital building and each having two first class rooms, two second class rooms and 4 economy class cubicle which provides 23 beds making the total number of 56 beds in the Department of general surgery for cases of burns, plastic surgery, oncology, urology and ENT as well as palliative care.


  • Inpatient services to patients diagnosed with a disease that requires surgery .
  • Provides outpatient treatment for patients in the outpatient surgery clinic.
  • Providing subspecialty surgical services to patients in the clinic and beyond
  • Subspecialty surgical procedure under general surgery department based on the time or even during an emergency.
  • Perform outpatient surgical procedures.
  • Visiting specialist to district hospital.
  • Helping patients to achieve optimal health status while in hospital.