Project Description


Procurement and Asset Unit is one unit under the Administration Department and is headed by an Diplomatic Administrative Officer M44 as the head of finance and account section, an Administrative Assistant (K) W22, an Administrative Assistant (Finance) W17, three Administrative Assistant N17 and one Office Assistant N17. The main function of Procurement and Asset Unit is responsible for managing the procurement of supplies / services / works as a direct purchase of quotation and coordinate the management of movable assets and storage – major stores in Miri Hospital.


  1. Plan and manage procurement of supplies, services and works in accordance with procurement procedures currently in force.
  2. Planning and management of assets and storage in accordance with the procedures of asset and store management that are in effect.


  1. Manage procurement by direct purchase and quotation and issuing Local Order.
  2. Coordinate all procurement using eBidding and eSebutharga.
  3. Coordinate procurement specification for tender by Sarawak Health Department.
  4. Coordinating the management of government assets.
  5. Coordinating the management of stocks, especially inspection and verification at the Main Office Supply store, kitchen, laboratory and pharmacy.
  6. Submit reports earnings, assets and stores to Sarawak Health Department on a quarterly basis.