Project Description


Physiotherapy is one of support services available in Miri Hospital. Physiotherapists primary services are to care for outpatients and in-patients.

In an effort to increase the quality of services, some special treatments are introduced as field Incontinence Care, Treatment Vestibular Therapy Lympodema other than nursing services provided. Additional activities, services to clients outside the scope of the hospital as a tour of the Elderly Krokop and Sun Flower Centre.


The main goal of the Physiotherapy Unit is providing effective and comprehensive rehabilitation with a holistic approach to assist and enable a client to achieve optimum functionality and quality attributes to be independent in their daily activities.


The main function of this unit is to provide support services to many departments and units, particularly the Department of Orthopaedic Hospital, Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery , Department of Pediatrics, Intensive Care Unit and other lagi.Jabatan Physiotherapy also provides services to outpatients referred to the Clinic Specialist clinics, health clinics, private clinics, private hospitals and other referral sources.


  1. Outpatient Care Clinic
  2. Inpatient Care
  3. Community Rehabilitation
    • Elderly Community Centre Krokop ( once a month )
    • Sun Flower Centre (twice a month )
  4. Training Physiotherapy students
    • KSKB ; Sg Buloh & Johor Bahru
    • Masterskill Universiti College of Health
    • ITA College Sibu
  5. Activity Healthy Living Program , Physical Fitness / Aerobics
  6. Education Class
    • Asthma
    • Hypertension
    • Back and Cervical Pain
    • Stroke
    • OA knee
  7. Speakers :-
    • MOH nursing trainees
    • PPK Course
    • Fitness courses organized by the Training Unit
  8. Awareness courses for hospital staff
    • Ergonomics & Manual Handling
    • Back care Education for hospital staff
  9. Organize Purification Course Outcome Measure For Physiotherapists Sarawak
  10. Human Capital Development