Project Description


The Paediatric Department of Hospital Miri is one of the core services of Hospital Miri; it provides care to the paediatric population of Miri city as well as the entire northern region of Sarawak, covering the catchment areas of Baram, Marudi, Limbang and Lawas Hospitals; occasionally taking patients from the Bintulu Hospital.


The main objective is to provide comprehensive health services to patients from this entire region.  The aims of the department are:

  1. To provide optimal inpatient care to all admitted patients and return them to a state of health
  2. To help children achieve their full physical, mental and social potential in life
  3. To reduce the infant and paediatric mortality rates
  4. To engage parents and community in providing care for the children
  5. To be a training centre for paediatrics in order to be a centre of excellence for paediatrics
  6. To engage in research in paediatrics


Inpatient Services

  1. Ward 1 (26 beds)
  2. Ward 2 (26 beds)
  3. Neonatal Ward (NICU/SCN)

Ward 1

Treats medical cases. Types of cases:

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Asthma
  4. Other infections
  5. Cancer

Ward 1 has 4 isolation rooms, mainly for cancer patients (returning from Kuching to Miri for continuation of chemotherapy)

Ward 2

Treat surgical patients (including orthopaedics, Eye,ENT,Dental), Burns and neonatal jaundice. Types of cases:

  1. Jaundices (phototherapy)
  2. Surgical and Orthopaedics
  3. Ear,Nose and Throat
  4. Eye and Dental
  5. HFMD (Penyakit EV71 / Coxsackie)
  6. Others

Ward 2 has 4 isolation rooms for burns patients and HFMD patients

Neonatal Wards (NICU/SCN)

6 intensive care (NICU) beds, 14 semi-intensive beds

  1. Treating premature babies – assisted breathing and associated problems.
  2. Infections of neonates in the first 4 weeks.
  3. Respiratory support for term babies
  4. Phototherapy for jaundiced babies

Outpatient Services
Klinik Pakar 3-  all cases are by referral and appoinment only– from government or private clinics or follow up cases after discharge from the ward.

Mondays: 10am-1pm- Subspecialty clinics –

  1. Neonatal (3-4 sessions/ month)
  2. Cancer/Blood disorders Clinic -1 session/month
  3. Chronic diseases (2pm) – Diabetes, kidney diseases , arthritis (joints) – 1session/month

Wednesdays 10am-1pm; 2.15pm -4.30pm

  1. General Paediatric clinic (Echocardiography  (heart ultrasound jantung) is also done during this session )

Visiting Paediatric Subspecialty Clinics

  1. Paed Cardiology (Heart) – 6 sessions per year (Echocardiography)
  2. Paed Rehabilitation- 4 sessions per year
  3. Paed Nephrology – 2 sessions per year
  4. Paed Oncology (Cancer) – 2 sessions per year
  5. Paed Neurology – 1 sessions per year

Visiting Specialist Clinics from Hospital Miri ke District Hospitals/Clinics

  1. Hospital Marudi- 4 sessions per year
  2. Hospital Limbang- 4 sessions per year
  3. Hospital Lawas- 4 sessions per year
  4. Klinik Batu Niah – every 2 months
  5. Poliklinik Tudan (Community-based Rehabilitation)- every month

Day Care Services (Wad Harian)-

Provide Day services on a referral and appointment basis from the wards or clinics.

  1. Blood sampling
  2. Blood transfusions for Thalassaemia patients
  3. IV (injections) antibiotics and chemotherapy
  4. Minor procedures
  5. Sedation for CT /MRI scans
  6. CVL (central venous line) care for cancer patients