Project Description


Department of Orthopaedics, Hospital Miri has been operating since May 1995. Orthopaedic ward located on the first floor adjacent to the Male Surgical Ward, Miri Hospital. Ward has 37 beds of which 24 beds for male and 13 beds for female. The First Class has 2 rooms and has 2 beds Second Class.


  1. Provides orthopaedic related services (trauma, re-constructive surgeons, oncologists, etc.) for people of Sarawak, especially the northern zone of the Miri district community
  2. To act as a referral centre for orthopaedic cases from the nearest polyclinic or private clinic.
  3. To promote and provide health education and advice to patients and family members
  4. To act as a reference point when there are cases of trauma such as spinal injury cases or other cases that require more management or investigation to a higher level.