Project Description


Occupational Therapy Unit provide and implement services such as assessment, treatment and advice to patients in the wards and outpatient (including day-care patients at the Psychiatric Unit) is referred to by experts and doctors. Occupational Therapy services involved in the rehabilitation of patients in a variety of disciplines. The primary goal of Occupational Therapy Unit is providing comprehensive occupational therapy services to patients of various conditions through specific therapeutic activities to achieve the level of functionality / independent optimal daily activities, work and recreation.


The scope of occupational rehabilitation treatment is as below:

  1. Assessment and training: –
    • The daily activities, work and leisure activities
    • Functionality hand (motor)
    • Cognitive and perceptual
    • Pre-school
    • Wheelchair
    • Work / Vocational
    • Conduct
    • Developmental
    • Social Skills
    • Sensory
  2. A visit to the school / home / work
  3. Therapeutic pressure (pressure garment, stokinet)
  4. Creative therapy
  5. Patient education
  6. Splint fabrication