Project Description


Nursing unit represents the largest member of medical health care team and plays a very significant role as the pillar of support to the hospital. A Total of 660 nurses of different categories and ranking are placed in all the appropriate units according to the needs and specialization. Nursing unit provide services 24 hours i.e. they may work on shift duty, office hour or on-call duty depending on the operating time of the unit that they are working in.

Nurses also play a proactive part in ensuring that the quality of nursing services provision is to be strengthened. Therefore in meeting the customers’ expectations the corporate culture element of the Ministry of Health Malaysia: i.e. caring, teamwork and professionalism is practiced. It is also essential for nurses to be highly competent in their work. Great efforts are made by the nursing unit to improve the quality of care by ensuring the standard of procedures (SOP) are adhered to, continual updating for nurses on the latest nursing care practice is made available and also sending nurses for specialization training.


The nursing service emphasis on promoting, preventing, curative and rehabilitative care to inpatient services and also outpatient services which include the wards, Operating Theatre, Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), Emergency and Trauma Department (ETD), Day care, specialist Clinic and other relevant areas.