Project Description


Medical Social Work Unit ( UKSP ), Miri Hospital has been in operation since 1971. It is a unit that provides social services intervention, psychosocial, practical and financial assistance patients. Cooperation and involvement of NGOs and UKSP with the government also helps to increase the ability of the patient ‘s psychosocial especially in terms of financial assistance and necessary equipment. UKSP main goal is to provide efficient and effective in helping to solve the problems faced by patients in relation to the treatment they receive . With this, patients’ lives will be more productive and thus works well in the growing trend of development.


In general the service provided is divided into two components:

  1. Supportive therapy services provided to patients who are having trouble socially, emotionally and psychologically. Matologi the practice is counseling. Usually run from 30-45 minutes a session. All patients referred will receive at least one counseling session and the next session will be conducted if necessary. Examples of such cases are referred to the DVA ( domestic violence ), mother out of wedlock, child abuse, rape, suicide attempts, alcoholism, psakit stranded and others related.
  2. Therapy practice, a service that helps patients in terms of financial, medical equipment related to patient treatment. Among the cases that are referred to as the fare from / to the treatment , cost of treatment, purchase of equipment, cost of living, tracking beneficiaries and others. Before someone the patient gets relief from the Medical Social Work Unit, they should be evaluated in terms of socio-economic advance.