Project Description


This unit is one of the non-clinical support unit Miri Hospital. The department was established in 1986 and is headed by an Administrative Officer (Medical Records), which reports directly to the Director of the Hospital.


  1. Controlling, storing, record patient medical records safely.
  2. Provide statistics and reports monthly and annual HMIS and non-HMIS for the hospital.
  3. Supervise and maintain the request of the medical report requested by the police, the court, employer Patients, SOCSO, the insurance and so on.
  4. Issuing certificates of death and confirm the birth and death.
  5. Make ONLINE Notification of Infectious Diseases.
  6. Provides Master Patient Index for the identification of patients.
  7. Making use ICD10 for disease coding.
  8. Organize and supervise the meeting of the Medical Board and the PERKESO Medical Board. ETC.