Project Description


Department of General Medicine includes Female and Male Ward and Specialist Clinic ( Pakar 3 ). Female and Male Ward is located on the 1st floor which is the same as the Children Ward at the Ground Floor . Male ward contains 27 beds and Female Ward consists of 28 beds. There is a first class rooms and 4 rooms for isolation. The Clinic is located on the ground floor.


Inpatient Treatment

  1. Providing affordable care to patients admitted to the ward.
  2. Learning activities such as CME ‘s , seminars, courses and mortality meeting.
  3. Refer certain cases to other institutions for further treatment.
  4. Provide expertise to other hospitals such as Limbang, Lawas and Marudi.

Outpatient Treatment

  1. Provide counseling to patients receiving outpatient treatment
  2. Refer patient to the point of ‘ tertiary ‘ for further treatment ( when necessary)
  3. Provide counseling to patients and the environment on health