Project Description


  • Emergency and Trauma Department (ETD) is providing Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services (EMTS), which is a frontline and a critical service of Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • It is a specialty domain that offers clinical care to a wide range of acute medical infirmities, illness or injury.
  • This involves the provision of emergency critical medical care that includes diagnostic, resuscitation and stabilization components and life saving interventions.


  1. To provide a prompt, accurate and definitive EMTS
  2. To provide an integrated and comprehensive care which is seamless and continuous from the pre-hospital care setting through to the hospital service.
  3. To  provide “total quality management” in all the critical management inter-phase from prehospital care to the triage sorting out to various dedicated management zone according to the priority of the cases.
  4. To provide an efficient and effective resuscitation and stabilization together with an accurate diagnostic service and critical life saving interventions.
  5. The management of the critical patient shall be conducted by an efficient team of skillful personnel which include specialists, medical officers, assistant medical officers, staff nurses and other health care personnel


  1. Prehospital Care:
    • Emergency call management
    • Ambulance services: First responder, Emergency response and interfacility transfer
    • Major incident and disaster manegement
    • Major event and mass gathering medical coverage
  2. Hospital based services:
    • Triage
    • Emergency clinical care: Resuscitation and Critical Care, Semi Critical Care, Non Critical Care
    • Observational medicine
    • OSCC