Project Description


Diagnostic Imaging Department of Miri Hospital provide radiological services to patients from the wards, Specialist clinics, Emergency and Trauma Department, Operation Room and Forensic Unit. This department also provides radiological services to private medical centres , community clinics, and district hospitals in this region. The department is run by qualified personnel such as radiologists, medical officers , radiographers and other supporting staff.


  1. To provide effective, fast, and quality diagnostic and imaging services through proper operating procedures and conducive work environment which leads to smooth workflow for all the procedures.
  2. To adhere to code of practice for the protection of workers, customers, and general public against ionizing radiation


  1. General Radiography and Special X-ray Examinations
  2. CT- Scan  ( Computed Tomography )
  3. MRI    ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging )
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Mammogram
  6. Telekonsultation /teleradiology