Project Description


Account Unit is responsible for ensuring the work related to department financial management and accounting performed according to the instructions, circulars and regulations from time to time. For the smooth running of events and activities of the hospital, financial position should be in a good and careful monitoring has been applied.

Finance and Account Unit is headed by the Head of Finance and Account, one Assistant Accountant, 8 Administrative Assistant.


Planning and managing government VOT efficiently by financial arrangements and all payment completed within 7 days.


  1. Control and manage expenditure in accordance with the provisions of Treasury Circular Instructions and Treasury Circulars from time to time.
  2. Establish an accounting system that can assist management in planning and decision making.
  3. Establish a financial management information system to control performance.
  4. Allocation and expenditure control through eSPKB
  5. Emoluments payment – Allowances and staff facilities.
  6. Managing payments – Suppliers and Services.