1. Is the hospital liable for any loss of property or vehicles patients / beneficiaries?
    No. The hospital is not responsible for any loss. Therefore patients / guardians are advised not to bring any valuables during their stay in hospital.
  2. Do beneficiaries allowed to wait for in-patients?
    Yes. Mother / father / guardian if the patient is a child. Only severely ill patients a caregiver of the same sex.
  3. What is an emergency cases for treatment in the emergency department?
    Emergency cases, including the case of an accident (on the road / at work / domestic) asthma attacks, heart attacks, fainting, snake bites, burns, seizures, genital bleeding, food poisoning and severe stomach pain.
  4. What are the documents that is need to be taken during treatment or admission fee waiver?
    Welfare Card, Pension Card, school letter or a Guarantee Letter (GL).
  5. What is an infectious disease hospitalization exempted from payment?
    All kinds of infectious diseases are excluded.
  6. Who can get a deduction or exemption of hospital bills?
    For all cases of infectious disease: it is free for those earning below RM 300, Social Welfare aid cards / MAIK, the disabled, students, government servants: cutting @ exceptions may be considered.
  7. What are the entry fee or deposit for citizens and non-citizens?
    For citizens, varies according to discipline. RM30 for medical or surgical cases and RM 15 for Gynaecology cases. While for foreigners RM 1100 Medical or Surgical cases and RM 800 in the case of Gynaecology.
  8. How do I get specialist treatment?
    You should be examined by a medical officer at health clinic before referred to relevant specialists.

2. Ext 339 Pakar Perubatan (Kontrak)
Pegawai Perubatan (Kontrak)
Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik
Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat
Pegawai Farmasi
Pegawai Sains
Pegawai Pemulihan Fisioterapi
Pegawai Pemulihan Carakerja
Pegawai Tadbir Rekod Perubatan
Pegawai Dietatik
Pegawai Optometrik
Pegawai Psikologi
Pegawai Kerja Sosial
Ketua Penyelia Jururawat
Ketua Jururawat
Penyelia Jururawat
Juru X-Ray
Juruproses Filem
Seasonal Kontrak
3. Ext 339 Pen. Pegawai Tadbir
Pen. Pegawai Tadbir Rekod
Pen. Pegawai Tadbir Stor
Pen. Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat
Pen. Pegawai Hal Ehwal Islam
Pen. Pegawai Keselamatan
Pen. Jurutera
Pembantu Tadbir (P/O)
Pembantu Tadbir (Kewangan)
Pembantu Tadbir (Rekod Perubatan)
Pembantu Keselamatan
Juruteknik Komputer
Pembantu Am Pejabat
Pekerja Am
Pembantu Hospital Rendah
Pen. Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran
4. Ext 106 JUSA
Pakar Perubatan
Pegawai Perubatan
5. Ext 338 Jururawat
(Abjad Nama A – M)
6. Ext 338 Jururawat
(Abjad Nama N – Z)
7. Ext 107 Jururawat Masyarakat
8. Ext 119 Pegawai Perubatan Siswazah (Houseman)
9. Ext 129 Juruteknologi Makmal Perubatan
Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan
Pemandu Kenderaan
10. Ext 119 Penolong Pegawai Perubatan
Jurupulih Perubatan Fisioterapi
Jurupulih Perubatan (Carakerja)
  1. How do I apply for industrial training in Hospital Miri?
    Students who are interested to undergo industrial training in Hospital Miri must make a formal request in writing to the Director of Hospital Miri. Student should include:

    • Resume;
    • Certified copy of MyKAD;
    • Certified copy of related certificates;
    • Letter of support from the Dean of university/college concerned; and
    • Feedback form or letter for status of application.
      Application must be made at least three (3) months before the training begin.
  2. How do I apply for elective posting in Hospital Miri?
    Formal request must be made in writing to the Director of Hospital Miri. Student should include:

    • Resume;
    • “Borang Permohonan Menjalani Posting Elektif Di Fasiliti KKM” can be download at www.moh.gov.my – Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Bil. 16/2008;
    • Letter of support from the Dean of university/college concerned; and
    • Certified copy of MyKAD or passport (for foreigners).
      Application must be made three (3) months before the training begin.
  3. How will I know my application is successful?
    A letter of approval to conduct Elective Posting training will be sent by State Health Department to:

    • University/college concerned;
    • Student who apply;
    • Miri Hospital;
      Student may contact Miri Hospital Training Unit at 085-420033 ext. 337.
  4. Does Hospital Miri provides accommodation?
    No. Accommodation is not provided during the industrial training.
  5. Are allowance given to students who undergo industrial training?
    No Allowance will be paid to student during training in Hospital Miri.
  6. How can I get more information on the industrial training / elective posting?
    You can get information from:
    Unit Latihan
    Bahagian Pengurusan
    Hospital Miri
    Jalan Cahaya
    98000 Miri
    E-mail : latihan_hm@moh.gov.my
    Tel No. : 085-420033 samb. 337
    Fax No. : 085-416514
  7. How to apply for vacant position in Hospital Miri?
    Recruitment for permanent position in civil service is under the jurisdiction of Public Service Commission (PSC). Application can be made at web www. spa.gov.my (SPA8).
    Application for part-time work (multiple position) in Hospital Miri can be made by sending a formal request in writing to Director of Hospital Miri. Applicant must include:

    • Resume;
    • Position applied for;
      Certified copy of related certificates.
      ** Recruitment only made when necessary.