This policy aims to explore the culture and practice of e-participation in order to improve transparency and public participation in improving the quality of services of Miri Hospital.

Miri Hospital recognizes public involvement to enable Miri Hospital to explore a broader perspective, information resources, and potential solutions to improve results and services. It also provides the basis for a productive relationship, dialogue and discussion better, and orderly governance.

The objective of this investment is to involve citizens in the policy development and decision-making process through the use of information and communication technologies. Among the communication channels used are Feedback Page (Complaint/Appreciation/Inquiry/Suggestions) and Social Media such as Facebook and Youtube.

Miri Hospital very welcome to comply with the terms and conditions of participation that have been set as follows:

  1. Any statements that incite racial, religion and politics are strictly prohibited.
  2. Do not degrading, personal attacks and making statements that could offend other participants.
  3. Control your statement, avoid removing the offensive language and parochialism.
  4. Do not encouraged to chat or send sentences which is irrelevant to the main topic.
  5. Topics and links to PORNOGRAPHIC websites are PROHIBITED.
  6. Make sure the statement/topic not violate ‘COPYRIGHT LAW‘, ‘TRADEMARK‘, ‘PATENT‘ and others.
  7. DO NOT use Public Participation as a place to carry out any contests, pyramid schemes, rich quick scheme, internet money scheme, chain letters,junk e-mail (junk e-mail), either commercially or otherwise.
  8. Not allowed to upload files that contain computer viruses such as virus “Trojan horses”, “worms”, “time bombs”, “cancel boots” or whatever software or programs that may damage the operation of a another user’s computer.
  9. The administrator of e-Participation in any situation do not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any statement/topic made on e-Participation. The individual should understand that any risks related to the reliability of items in e-Participation are incurred by the individual.
  10. The administrator of e-Participation reserves the right to amend and delete any statement/topic at any time without informing the author of the statement/topic.
  11. The administrator of e-Participation reserves the right to amend the Policies and Guidelines of e-Participation at any time without any announcement/notice.
  12. As a participant or releasing a statement on e-Participation, you are subjected to the terms and conditions of the Guidelines on e-Participation.